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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lesser Alvarez Gonzalez - Renaissance Chic

Amazing how the weather is a complete schizophrenic mess. I appreciate spring and the fact that I can wear a dress with no layering in December but I am much more focused and ready to work at home in my room as long as the weather remains Frightful. Regardless, I will venture out later and bike to the river, drink some wine and bite on some cheese.

and then...........................

This morning I clicked on my friend's link to Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, a musician he was distracting himself with during dreaded finals week.  The music I heard was intriguing and soundied much like a medieval troubadour lost in the streets of Barcelona. Lesser is a renaissance hobo who plays with childlike lyrical combinations and Beatles' styled harmonies adding wonderful touches of flamenco rasqueados and good old folk melodies. The man is plain out interesting and got me really going with a link to a collaborative drawing project he posted on his myspace blog. Down the rabbit hole and what I found was a beautiful maze of wonder, jam packed with all sorts of poems, interactive videos, photographs, drawings, and music. I have added some smatterings of the fun here. But really, visit the site and enjoy the artistic schmorgasboard for yourself. www.lessergonzalezalvarez.com

LGA poem:


As an adult, sometimes I think

my cellphone rings and I almost
picking it up everytime
Feel like real Dufus
I once found a pair
of Silver Oakleys at Disney World
Orlando -sometime before teens
& stuck them to my face
to feel America's little hands
clasp my hot and fresh eyeballs
I drew O's on them
Then I think went on a ride
or can't remember like 19th century headache
but I saw a family talk to another family
away by several meters
on a Television screen in booth like
a future bean dildo diving bell
I could have snorted
all that freedom.

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