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Monday, October 25, 2010

editorial on love

I should be well endowed with flowers in my hair and strands of ginger in my eyes. laser beam convulsions are around and around me they continue to float down in through my spine. now bask, glow in time of sources in time I do not own and in time where I wander into the stormy night. My windshield, broken from the fright, a nightmarish gash up on the native night. Of course we will source your intentions and off with your headlight progressions. No translations have ever been this precise. And of all the dealings I have had in my life I will continue to follow, his breath taunts me like a naked slut in the night. he wants me for his own, devours me as I writhe away in starvation. His botched affection forced me to buy his language and now indeed I have won his powers to burn and destroy. This is miles away from Canada and hours away from LA. A sweet suckle will send us both buckling and in our sparkle selections we will now sway. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Metal Mondays at Lit

Beauty Apes at Lit's Metal Monday night.

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I hadn't been down to the dungeon in a long time, it was something like 5 years ago for a Plastic Fantastics show, when nobody showed up to the Lit basement shows. Last night was good clean metal ear blasting with: Beauty Apes, Bleeder, DickKicker, Dead Minors.

Nice blend of hardcore, some noisiness, and lots of heavy fuzz.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jean-Eric from New Orleans, Cameo Gallery

Here is a 13 second video clip I managed to snag before my camera died.

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Rainbow hippie followed by Carnival nights in Brooklyn

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Venus, Signal Rejector

I see summer skin rolling black trees
its all over over me
roll over that hill, I'll bet he's watching me still
and I see summer skin rolling black trees

I see watery gravy mint leaves
and I'll do and i'll do as I please
no excuses for fate
to try and squeeze and squeeze
I see watery gravy mint leaves

No, you ain't never seen a dead breathing living sound
In flames and wonder we come clean

I see stars shaking like leaves
and you shake, shake till you come clean
I see mars begging for me
and you shake, you shake till you
make it all gleam

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marigolds and Sunlight

Your body is covered in the sweet scent of long lost ghosts
whose path once covered in marigolds, can now return you to the river of your birth.

You extend your hand to drink and are taken over by the abyss. Its swell and overwhelming power embraced you once before your days on earth.
Now your fiery eyes burn bright, leading you back to your wanderings.

That only I recognize your scent, is a gentle curiosity that I keep to myself in times of lonely revolt.

You are a man worthy of marigolds, a man worthy of the sun's beams
whose smile brightens the shores like a thousand reflections.
Your fingers barely touch me in light dreams and I find you sparkling amongst the ashed rubble.

There will be many days like this, when we will travel together like ancient creatures, sharing ancient lives and slowly unfolding into ancient times.

Recognize me only by my watery womb and drowned eyes
and I will lay your way home amongst the marigolds and sunlight.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

History Lesson from your nannie

Peanut Brittled hash from a San Francisco hippie into my hands and straight to my brain. My eyes stare up at the rural Virginia sky and I begin to wonder how many shades of black I can decipher from the darkness, "definitely not high," I tell myself. But in reality as I walk into my tent and zip myself into my sleeping bag, my eyelids lose their purpose. I am looking straight through them and I begin to soar through the flashing lights. I'm strapped as if I just boarded a roller coster ride, locked within the confines of my plush tomb and I have completely lost my body. My body is totally relaxed and I begin to feel aroused. So much so that it became evident that I was going to need to release this energy in the physical world. So with no hesitation, I had a very intimate moment with myself in the middle of rural Virginia under the 12 shades of black I remember seeing in the sky. This was my very first trip kids.

However, being on acid was much more drastic transition. One's inner child emerges from nowhere and you begin to see the movements without the context of time. Feeling the sounds and tasting the air. Everything is dirty and no one cares. When you are in an altered state there are no boundaries or inadequacy, there is lots of feeling and one can become paralyzed by the hypersensitivity. At least for me hallucinations become confirmations of everything I feel when I am in reality, only magnified. Everything I see in people manifests in visions and the characters come into full form. I smell things in HD and see the world patiently, slowly and with complete surrender. Since my last trip I can only think to sit still and begin to journey back into that world. I long for alone time and find new energy within myself. I am happy to desire quiet and peace fro once in my life. The past year has been a whirlwind of meeting people, experiencing new ideas and situations. I have fallen deep within the human spiral and want to submerge myself, within myself. I might scale a mountain or swim an ocean. I just feel the need to experience and deal with the grit and dirt I've been running away from. I'm moving to Montana soon.