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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday wishes and something along the lines of X-mess madness

Today I spent most of the day making digital gifts for a couple of cool folks...birthday wishes mostly and decompressing from the holiday crunch in the warmth of my treehouse. I almost always prefer birthdays over all out holidays (the exception being Halloween). It just seems to me that my life is always in carnival mode, each day yet another reason to celebrate new friends, new art, new sensations and joys. I'm Colombian and I suppose I fit the firecracker stereotype. Party hard, make art and then, MuErToAD.......

First on the birthday list was  JUGGERNUT
who is one of my favorite performers, an experienced drinker and comic book artist. His music is a mash of industrial beats and horror pop theatrics. One of his most infamous performances is for his sometimes banned song STUN GUN (police confiscating stun guns), where he threatens audience members with a live wired stun gun yelling the lyrics...stun gun stun gun!! As far as I know two people have actually gotten stunned - both of whom are good friends of Mr. Juggernut. On calmer days you might just find him roaming the lower east side or the deep innards of Bushwick drawing some nut sack inspired comics or on his way to the ever so lovely dive Mars bar where he will be performing on January 11.

The second artist on the birthday list was Christina Schmid from Germany, whom I met during her vacation to New York this past spring. Christina is a graphic designer, lover of fine German breads and sometimes wallet maker.
She recently sent me an invitation to contribute work to a yearly  Advent Calendar
she designs. It is composed of work from friends and artists she has met around the world and is simply a wonderful collaborative way to countdown those hectic holy days while exploring some new art. The calendar is an eclectic mix of video, photographs, hand drawings, songs, animations and even "how to" picture instructions on building your own designer Xmas tree.

If you are interested in Christina's wallet just shoot her an email and she will be glad to fashion one together in any of the above candy coated colors. Candy Coated Wallets mmmm!

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