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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13, 1981

According to Wikipedia, the day of my birth was filled with murders and despair the end of a showdown and the beginning of a missing child search. While Friday the 13 would bring about the first ever speedcubbing - rubix cube champ Jury Froschl. this makes me feel good about today, like I could beat someone at scrabble or chess. 

March 12, 1981 (Thursday)

  • Women, children and other inhabitants of the El Salvador village of El Junquillo (in the Morazan Department) were murdered on orders of Salvadoran Army Captain Carlos Medina Garay, at the conclusion of nine-day long military operation against rebellious forces. The details of the massacre were brought out in an investigation more than a decade later by the "Commission on Truth", which had been created as part of a 1992 peace agreement.[28]
  • Atlanta murders of 1979-1981: Timothy Hill, 13, disappeared in Atlanta, ten days after his 15 year old friend Joseph Bell had vanished. Hill's body would be found on March 30, and Bell's on April 19. They would prove to be the last of 23 African-American children (16 or younger) to be murdered in Atlanta over a nearly two year period. Wayne Williams, who was suspected in the killings, was charged with and convicted of the murders of two adult victims.[29]

[edit]March 13, 1981 (Friday)

  • The first world speedcubing championship tournament, requiring participants to properly align the squares of a Rubik's Cube in the shortest amount of time, took place in Munich. Jury Fröschl won the first competition with a time of 38 seconds.[30]

Monday, October 31, 2011

Again and again and again.....hipstirr suprastarz

The Fox and the hound, wolf Mama ladybird, the butcher and a tiny spider vampire. Cutting Clouds with swords and poking a hole straight to the sky. When she said that girl could do whatever she wanted, boy was she right. The Antithesis of the halloweekend drove us into a warm cozy cave with stews and brews and song dust in our eyes. Ladybird has always welcomed the strays, gays and silly douchery into her house in hopes of brewing up a pack of ferocious warriors. What is all this? What is it really.....you ask. I am merely a flesh conduit typitty type type typing away. This all sounds vague because it is.....what? And then I count my days slowly, again fast forward flash and there again they are, the whole lot of them family, lovers, kings and queens. Every era is the same and man and cat never change. Only those rare heavy coated creatures who soar above the mist can scratch the newness and re-write the stars. Blah, blech, down into the hole you go silly words. Disguised tongues, serpented split pea soup. For Eva young babbling from the womb about how beautifully formed your hands were in the last life and NOW, now what? These creatures are no man I know, no flesh I've smelled or tasted, no eyes I've stared into. They move in shadows and transform the aurovisio. The fallen heavy light. On this earth I am full of dirt and sorrow, if only for brief sparks in time to imagine beautiful crystalline memories in the ocean, across the sky and feel every bit of the crushing. The pieces are forming and the house is getting stronger. The arrows pointing in all directions, yours pointing at yourself.  Sheathed in warm woolly wombs. The conscious ooze has arrived, has been arriving for centuries will keep drooling like lava off the side of a volcano. I am going to safely say that in my lifetime we will see the likes of angels only a few have been able to conjure. What then.....when the angels cum? Will it all be set again, to shatter and mourn, to capture in words to spell out a song? Of course it will. Pass  me the porridge ladybird, this little spider is hungry. I cast a light into the world and find you wide eyed goggled hero and open. I still hear you over fermented rice water and nautical delights. My lighthouse is yours, when your path turns right. I am wish, swish rattle and roll, cause the harbor lights are calling.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am living a small utopia, nuzzled in between two amazing friends who have adopted me and taken my spirit in like a broken bird. The house is bright with sunshine and there are two beautiful cats living here, protecting my dreams. Soon there will be a third feline companion who will complete the circle. My heart swells to think how therapeutic these small animals have been for me in their simplicity and stillness. I long for solitude amongst them and I thank the spirits who brought me to this place. Today we prepared the altar, a way for people to feel invited into our small piece of wonderland. Today is beautiful with its greyness and mild sunrays and so I eat them consume their warmth in preparation. Tonight will be full of honesty and grace, violence and purification. My moon bath celestial sacrifice goes out to YOU. You are all in my heart, I wish you happiness my dear slaves. Alone we move mountains together we birth the universe. For the moment ground yourself in song and tell me what you feel, think, smell, want to see, hear or speak. Be heart guts and blood for me......I will deliver you from the sins of dishonesty and loneliness. Ah-men.

Listen to some of my favorite friends:
Les Bicyclettes Blanches
Teta Mona
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spiritum Sanctum

La naturalez es un movimiento quieto y arduo. El mar sereno y activo. La noche en tinieblas persuiguiendo la luna hacia el amanecer. Y en la luz del sol encontramos el calor sanguíneo. Llenos de vida en el silencio eterno. Llenos de amor y muerte lo perderemos todo y naceremos de nuevo. Con ojos de ave y sangre de grado sanaremos la aurora rayada, sanaremos la tierra ya destruida. Por que el corazon clama sin entender, pero veo que ese llanto nos une. Y en las voces escondidas encontrare la verdad. Espiritos Santos Espiritus Santus Spiritum Sanctum.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today is first Today is first one time story with a fever I roam into the ether rock into my lover's arms The map is all confused...again money is all we lose...again taking what we choose...again one time story of the grand mind holy holy once find water to myself...again control it all abuse....again If misery you choose then baby.....guess...again guess... guess again......guess my fortune is set maybe, my glory formed how the eyes shine and grow Today is first We are all cold and crying dead and alive we fly in We are all left denying TodayToday To day.... (2x) We are all gold We are alien waves to sleep it in is ok