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Monday, March 30, 2009

Corporeal Punishment

Fell off my bike and busted my shin. It blew up quickly like an oversized cherry tomato then I walked in the door and got punched in the face with an orange.

The proper response to this is would be to eat the orange in self defense. Citrucide is the only way and just to be sure I am doing the right thing I will plant the seeds in my herb garden. But shit, my shin is bust and all I wanted was to ride to the open mic and meet Jason Schwartzman, maybe.

So at home I am melancholy, wearing an oversized hoodie....what's new. On my table there are pictures scattered like leaves, that somewhat fill gaps in my memory. Oh, yea today was a new kind of something and my stomach was empty with mostly food.

SIA is by far the most gentle soul I have run and danced into(twice and never again). Listening to Lady Croissant RIGHT NOW.

Today's breakfast: a taste of mint toothpaste from his lips, doughnut. Diet Pepsi for mid morning snack while talking to John Cage.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

When you don't smoke and still want your damn cigarette break......

My computer is so magical. It not only sucks my time away but it also teaches me completely useless information I can pass down to my unborn children. But considering the amount of time I spend with this machine I might just be sterile and not have any offspring to share the wonders of its magic.

Oh internet, I want so badly to have all of your information babies. Let's go steady....forever.

Here is one information baby I made: http://bit.ly/1nmMnv

followed by an educational video on smoking smarties...enjoy

Today's breakfast was a large cup of ginko IQ tea followed by grilled chicken salad for lunch, then a small bowl of goya lentils and rice for a snack. Tonight's dinner forecast looks like Colombian Tapas...mmmmmm...his taste is still on my mind.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Chupa this!

I found a dum dum on my dinning room table, all alone, the "Mystery Flavor" kind. which, BTW is a mixture of two flavors - which ones, I don't know?

Think I will do a series of dum dum portraits - all flavors.

Today was filled with ready made food sculptured paintings: one of an aged onion and the second of an uneaten lollipop. When I finally get my camera from DUMBO I'll let you see how they turned out.

Here is an edited pic of my special guy friend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 hearts....lets dance

Pisces and Scorpio:

When these two connect for the first time, sparks will fly and both might feel they have met a soul mate. There will be a deep, unexplained mystical connection when they get to know one another and start dating.

Pisces represents Scorpios fifth house of love and sex. This could be love at first sight. Many relationships and marriages take place when these two fall in love. Both will remain loyal, committed and be highly understanding of each other. This could be the one you have been waiting for, Pisces! Pisces and Scorpio are very mesmerizing water signs and capable of captivating each other. Sexually they couldn’t have found a more compatible partner. The need to express love will be felt very strongly by both parties and sex will be exotic, erotic and intoxicating.

Memories of this attraction linger in both Scorpio and Pisces minds long after their romance is over. Don’t let a bad day ruin your chances for long-term love.

Compatibility Rating:
(4 hearts)
It doesn’t get any better than this!
Go for it!

I do believe I am the center of the universe.

That's right my cute little bike was all polished and shiny, ready to ride, which I did last night to the new amazing HiChristina space on grand street. A five minute ride and I was there ready to venture into the surreality Fritz and Christina have created in the midst of the 99 cent stores and the rows of never ending Williamsburg bars and coffee shops.

and so this afternoon i went to pick up my shiny friend, rode her to the gym and was content with her performance. That is until further analysis of the bike seat confirmed my fear. The shit was bust. My butt managed to bend the metal rod holding up my seat...dammit. i love riding in and out of traffic especially in the warmness we had today. this little bike has spent a good portion of the month sitting in Johnny's house and now when got the wheels fixed it decides to go kerplunk...and there it goes.

Today's breakfast: slightly toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, and Blueberry blossom white tea.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In a series of events that I wish hadn't happened.

Hello, is this Jack?


well, when i read about the dog the other day and those pretty flowers in the garden, I had to hang up the chatter. but the other night I had a dream I was sleeping next to an enormous tree filled with Boston creme (yea like the doughnut), and in this tree I would normally write songs about people living in Antarctica and having sex in blubber suits while nursing Inuit children. I don't know but this all made sense to me especially since i had started performing under the guise of Juanita from Antarctica.

But lately Jack wasn't answering any of my postcards. I had already sent three in a row with no response. my obsession grew every time I opened the mailbox. I was longing for a ghost. That last night I told him I couldn't see him anymore. or at the very least that we should be on some permanent platonic hiatus. Nobody would be having sex. Nobody.

I proposed he could take me out on old school dates and bring me right back home, but under no circumstance was he to let me stay at his place or vice-versa. My eyes were dark and sagged from no sleep and a full night's crying. it had been a while since the crying....that real tear jerker stuff with your sinuses leaking into the next day. Where your lungs hurt and your legs go wobbly and your mouth is sooo dry. David had witnessed that cry a lot and now the only person I could think to console me was him. He was always so logical and calm. A Zen master in disguise. he was a super hero and both of us together were like the wonder twins. just enough of the emotional spectrum to cancel out any fighting or anger.

I miss that, I miss it a lot.
I miss Jack and I miss David, I miss them both.

today's breakfast: generic Raisin Bran, a banana, two waffles (one of a higher quality than the other), light syrup, 1% milk. I miss that already, I miss it a lot.

Victor said he would fight polar bears to smell his beloved's hair.
I'd like a castle in the sky as well, full of soft kittens and stuffed animals. Where Jack could trap me and I would be his for.................

Monday, March 23, 2009

today's daytime timeline

I don't deserve this.
What, you lost your wallet AGAIN!
Look, my A.D.D. is getting worse everyday. It's not like I ask to reset and start over every couple of weeks, it just seems to happen with more frequency now that I don't care about blacking out on alcohol.

So do you really believe you don't have an addictive personality?
Well yea...no, i think I'm addicted to sex is all. No big deal.
I think Elizabeth Taylor was a sex addict.
Sweet goddess, that's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Confusing as it is, I have this conversation with myself at least twice a month. I want Richard Burton as my twice divorced alcoholic husband that I love to hate. All of my three relationships with men have summed themselves up this weekend to = Kerry is ready to love yet unsure of life and its ability to make this happen without the pain that always comes with the vulnerability. I would like to leave the forum up for questions. Anything really.

Ask away