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Saturday, March 28, 2009

When you don't smoke and still want your damn cigarette break......

My computer is so magical. It not only sucks my time away but it also teaches me completely useless information I can pass down to my unborn children. But considering the amount of time I spend with this machine I might just be sterile and not have any offspring to share the wonders of its magic.

Oh internet, I want so badly to have all of your information babies. Let's go steady....forever.

Here is one information baby I made: http://bit.ly/1nmMnv

followed by an educational video on smoking smarties...enjoy

Today's breakfast was a large cup of ginko IQ tea followed by grilled chicken salad for lunch, then a small bowl of goya lentils and rice for a snack. Tonight's dinner forecast looks like Colombian Tapas...mmmmmm...his taste is still on my mind.

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