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Sunday, May 31, 2009

brooklyn against human Sex.......

Hi everyone. Today has been a perfectly beautiful day that started yesterday afternoon with a relaxing stroll to the river with a newly acquired friend. Random whiffs of cabbage filled the air, sauerkraut slipping through the cracks of hipsterville. Complete unoriginal idea to walk out into the sunset drenched air.

Lovely how fate brought me into a whole new space of art and wonderful new creators and future collaborators. Amp gurus, singers, electro-visutastic freak outs and parties, till the morning light lulls us all to sleep. when i met fritz and christina (of hichristina fame) I knew we were kindred spirits from another planet. we feel alien, yet revel in our super ability to connect and laugh and sing and dance naked.

My new friend zeljko is similar, with art that reminds me of my dreams. Chocolate covered doggies and beautiful boys who love to make sounds. This summer is a wonder so far and i've only been in this mode for a week.

I am looking to make no living but instead live to make. With every bit of me expressing itself simultaneously. I am a fire dancer with lighting on my fingertips, wailing voices in my throat and eyes that recognize all as beauty.

i can't hate YOU. I can only fill myself with joy that will slip through the pores in my skin and heal YOU.

Remember to ride your bike ALoT! and eat plenty of yummy food, dance with regularity and love yourself.

MOlto Amore,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow, I think i'm falling in love with myself

I am totally content and giddy about hanging out with just me and while stress and external issues have kept me from really asking the dark and lonely questions, I have found that through this mucky time I should be naked more often, laugh constantly, eat sensibly and love my friends.

For example, I just found out that I like cuddling. I mean I like it ALOT. Probably more than you know, that other icky stuff people do with their, "thingies."

I prefer androgyny, balanced asexuality, ambiguity, and complete focus on the passions that keep us alive.

my bicycle is my friend, hair always grows back, and falling in love is for unicorns and narwhals.

I also like swimming in rivers, naked fire dancing, fireside cuddling, pterodactyl fights, bright colors, and not showering.

lets be friends and love ourselves.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Imaginary Friend

I acknowledge and hold in high regard
this aborted friendship
whose affections meant no harm
but punctured my air supply leaving my body
unconsciously floating in the middle of the sea
walking slowly back to the shore
a clear division appears
I am now and forever carefully protecting my path
happy to have no hands to guide me
happy to feel as alien
as the rest of my fellow breathing works of art
with no physical need to overcome
for lack of sleep I conjure up my own dreams
for lack of food I cultivate my spirit
for no touch I can imagine is therefore too strong to hold us back

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Song idea: "Viral Coitus"

Addicted to your false affections,
a sign of how much dissapears
of myself into the atmosphere
I inherit past pains, laying
claims that you won't answer,
that drop into the ocean
rejected and unknowingly selected
to expose your calcified memories,
Invade me
I'll surgically remove your claws.
Infect me
my body rejects your life blood
I'll Drink some magic wishes to erase you
and then you'll long for visions of me
gone, gone, gone
I am thoroughly inspired by the trance performances of "Lucky Dragons" as well as the guerrilla pop of Nic Xedro, and the amazingly honest and comically tragic lyrics of "House of Ladosha"

Lucky Dragons:www.myspace.com/luckydragons

Nic Xedro: www.myspace.com/nicxedro

House of Ladosha: www.myspace.com/houseofladosha


oui monsieur je suis un femme fatale

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where is my......

...night, which lonely slumbers turn me inside
and out of this world I search no other
except in ways which make within me wonder
What is it that keeps the veil on so tight, noosed and drowsy
lazy light-ed heart
The only one I've met
a mirror imagined first with a faint but living pulse
almost fading to exist
and most expressions announce themselves
when pangs are put to rest, relief is free
inside the lover's chest, a clouded pile of loneliness