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Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Song idea: "Viral Coitus"

Addicted to your false affections,
a sign of how much dissapears
of myself into the atmosphere
I inherit past pains, laying
claims that you won't answer,
that drop into the ocean
rejected and unknowingly selected
to expose your calcified memories,
Invade me
I'll surgically remove your claws.
Infect me
my body rejects your life blood
I'll Drink some magic wishes to erase you
and then you'll long for visions of me
gone, gone, gone
I am thoroughly inspired by the trance performances of "Lucky Dragons" as well as the guerrilla pop of Nic Xedro, and the amazingly honest and comically tragic lyrics of "House of Ladosha"

Lucky Dragons:www.myspace.com/luckydragons

Nic Xedro: www.myspace.com/nicxedro

House of Ladosha: www.myspace.com/houseofladosha

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