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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poemas: En los ojos del reloj

He is a fable
hauling red lightning through the dust of an uneven sky
His stare settles on the tip of my nose and he is unearthing his heart

and i lean in softly like a whisper
a forgotten thought against his chest
and we breathe in unison from time to time
breathe in the mean time

Arms in hands upon my thighs and wisp of fragrant hair takes my breath
A sparkle in your smile, A sparkle on your mind

remembering any feelings I can only remember his name.............(TBC)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Out there

Haven´t been writing or posting a whole bunch. Blogging is starting to feel similar to taking way tooo many pictures of an event instead of simply enjoying it

I have simply been busy living, oh and also trying to fix my lens and prepare for an exhibition on the 24th.

It seems that being asked to exhibit my work has made me very self conscious of the material I have to sho off. I always think there is never enough.

Anyway, I want to thank my friends back home for their support, their phone calls and online convos. I really do appreciate it all.

I will post more pics before I return. But I guarantee a more extensive recounting with visual aids when I return.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


check the party pics here:
Santo Domingo July 19

My fav are the non-party pics.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Imaginesen que de repente se aparecieron....

Fundacion Melassa p1

What the dog said to the roach

Uniqueness is put together by chance

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Haunted television sets

My TV is haunted. It needs an exorcist - but I really do need to stop thinking of tv as a pet.

Basically I am homesick. In missing home I tend to read tons of nYC blogs, practice music and write a bunch of songs to share when i return. I guess what I miss is the pull between collective anonymity and collaboration that NYC offers . Here in DR women are constantly harassed, you can't go out unless you are amongst friends and pullling out a camera in public draws a lot of stares.

To comfort me my friend Casey sent me a pic of a bologna eating kittie. Somehow it worked.

I think I will take a walk and look for a camera store - need a charger.


Monday, July 14, 2008

nothing to grasp but something itself

Ms. Trinity Upscale likes to dress for her lover

in times of need she pierces herself to mark the right she has to the body she owns. Not a lack of confidence, simply a sign of courage to embrace human love.

Who knew it would take years to understand the Western living wanderers.

with their morals and characters and love and the disgusting reality of life before soap.

In this town if a woman grows faint make sure to check her girdle, it might be toooo tight. But oh boy does she look stunning. I would addict myself to self medication and love to hate myself as much if I could look that beautiful.

But my concentration lies in the wonder of finding new imaginations in the world. There is an electricity that will take me home and it exists amongst the dust and grime.

A crimson light guides my heart straight into the mouth of Jupiter's volcanic explosions.

And with no place to run I will not surrender – We will walk together atop a spark of lightning. Remember to lock the window and close the door. We Will be back with some change to buy those drums.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up.

Forgot to post these pics of Florida folks. This was right before I left. Was wanting to catch the family in some random situations as you will see.


Last night I wrote a one chord song on the Uke - mandatory when living alone. All about knowing things and trying to communicate things we think we know to someone who might not know but yet could possibly know more than we do.

The lyrics are always changing and the melody reminds me of some old church hymn I might have sung if I was a poor white boy in Mississippi.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alone time is good for the funny bone

For all who know or don't know or care at all, I am currently in the Dominican Republic until August 28th. Email me, skype me, or chat me up on gmail - kchord@gmail.com

My first week here has been quite productive and equally relaxing. I have allowed myself some well deserved rest if the mood strikes me. I have also reduced the alcohol consumption and remained disciplined about my veggie diet.

  1. I am volunteering at a school in a Congolese-Dominican community that puts up folk plays, dances, and music.
  2. Photographing a Judeo-Messianic community and trying to find narrative for my documentary project.
  3. Meeting new contacts in the Dominican film and photography industry.

Will keep you all updated with pictures, notes and opinions. And anyone who is planning on taking a quickie vacation should definitely come visit ME!!!

Love and veggie patties,


P.S. Can anyone mail me some veggie burgers? (make sure they don't deteriorate during shipment)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


including: but not limited to eating tons of cupcakes from Harlem's famed big butt maker "Make my Cake," without developing a case of the yacks.

Take that Karate cat! "Then I realized I wasn't in 1987 and I wasn't sleeping with My little Pony and that wearing anti-Iraq t-shirts had gone way out of style.

comforting: that some ballet dancers develop the rare disease known as overly posturpedic assholes.

story mom.

Gone to stuff some Spanx girdles.