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Monday, July 14, 2008

nothing to grasp but something itself

Ms. Trinity Upscale likes to dress for her lover

in times of need she pierces herself to mark the right she has to the body she owns. Not a lack of confidence, simply a sign of courage to embrace human love.

Who knew it would take years to understand the Western living wanderers.

with their morals and characters and love and the disgusting reality of life before soap.

In this town if a woman grows faint make sure to check her girdle, it might be toooo tight. But oh boy does she look stunning. I would addict myself to self medication and love to hate myself as much if I could look that beautiful.

But my concentration lies in the wonder of finding new imaginations in the world. There is an electricity that will take me home and it exists amongst the dust and grime.

A crimson light guides my heart straight into the mouth of Jupiter's volcanic explosions.

And with no place to run I will not surrender – We will walk together atop a spark of lightning. Remember to lock the window and close the door. We Will be back with some change to buy those drums.

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