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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alone time is good for the funny bone

For all who know or don't know or care at all, I am currently in the Dominican Republic until August 28th. Email me, skype me, or chat me up on gmail - kchord@gmail.com

My first week here has been quite productive and equally relaxing. I have allowed myself some well deserved rest if the mood strikes me. I have also reduced the alcohol consumption and remained disciplined about my veggie diet.

  1. I am volunteering at a school in a Congolese-Dominican community that puts up folk plays, dances, and music.
  2. Photographing a Judeo-Messianic community and trying to find narrative for my documentary project.
  3. Meeting new contacts in the Dominican film and photography industry.

Will keep you all updated with pictures, notes and opinions. And anyone who is planning on taking a quickie vacation should definitely come visit ME!!!

Love and veggie patties,


P.S. Can anyone mail me some veggie burgers? (make sure they don't deteriorate during shipment)

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