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Monday, March 30, 2009

Corporeal Punishment

Fell off my bike and busted my shin. It blew up quickly like an oversized cherry tomato then I walked in the door and got punched in the face with an orange.

The proper response to this is would be to eat the orange in self defense. Citrucide is the only way and just to be sure I am doing the right thing I will plant the seeds in my herb garden. But shit, my shin is bust and all I wanted was to ride to the open mic and meet Jason Schwartzman, maybe.

So at home I am melancholy, wearing an oversized hoodie....what's new. On my table there are pictures scattered like leaves, that somewhat fill gaps in my memory. Oh, yea today was a new kind of something and my stomach was empty with mostly food.

SIA is by far the most gentle soul I have run and danced into(twice and never again). Listening to Lady Croissant RIGHT NOW.

Today's breakfast: a taste of mint toothpaste from his lips, doughnut. Diet Pepsi for mid morning snack while talking to John Cage.

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