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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moderate consideration for the fact that I am occasionally Manic

Is it a phantom itch? Seems like someone I know or someone they know either has bedbugs, a rash, crabs, THE scabies. Crap! No, wait.... a tax break for people under 5 feet, finally.

Today the sun is in full effect and I'm just about poisoned. I was lying in Union Square earlier with T-time organizing my take over the world to do list. I figure with all the techie nerds I've met in the last few months and the post art star movement T and I are punching our way to get going, we should be infecting your artistic tastes in about a year...maybe less. lets pray Jesus' baby's momma is kind to us and forgives me for making out with a a straight up homosexual man last night.

First and foremost go here drop.io/ybbs leave interesting comments. We in return will gift you with a free baked good recipe.

2. Be a lamb and buy my merch (t-shirts, handbags, boy shorts, tube tops coming end of April)

3.pay me to read your mind. I really am a psychic trained by a long line of readers from the 11th dimension. See, no one SEES them so people try to discredit me. When in reality the fact that I communicate with higher beings on a separate plane of existence is proof of my powers and ability to conjure up THE MAGICS. Stick a tray of cupcakes and you get frosted hot dogs whose nutritional value is equivalent to a 900 calorie bag of peanuts.

In regards to yesterday's anti-war protest march and pillow fight in the financial district. It is not BYO-ISSUES people.....sometimes you have to be quiet. Children be quiet.

Yes, I have two friends who live on Wall street, direct descendants of future outsourcers and they both have a gym membership. I have a gym membership for the next six months which will increase my fro-yo intake and today I will collect all the change I left on the treadmill last week.

Now its off to IKEA to acquire wine glasses...ciao mis paisas!

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