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Friday, April 10, 2009

A girls night in.....so not me but totally who I be.

Tonight I learned to appreciate the value of digestion. My system is so fragile that it almost shutdown completely on me. I was feverish and delusion last night, tossing and turning with each piercing abdominal pain. Sympathetically, my guy friend was suffering his own stomach insomnia, proving yet again that water signs have an extremely over active telepathic imagination.

Anyway, let's begin with breakfast this past Wednesday. First off I ate not one, but two bowls of malt-o-meal honey nut clusters knowing full well that my duty after eating those two bowls was to down at least two gallons of H2O as quickly as possible. What ended up happening was that I probably only drank about 16 oz. of water that entire day and went straight for the strenuous physical activity: biking, then swimming, then worked out for and hour.

Hooray for exercise but that's where things started going a little wacky. On my way home that night I bought a fruit salad and ate about half of its contents. Upon resting my head on the pillow later in the evening I started to experience nausea, horrible shooting pains in my lower abdomen, a sever headache and extreme fatigue.

I am still right now at 1:13 a.m. on Saturday morning (!) feeling the after effects of the dehydration.

If your mother were to give you one genetic disorder it should be fructose/lactose/fiber intolerance....and yes I lump them together because they are all what we lovingly call "the ethnic tummy disorders."

So much for ranting. Today was extremely productive - shirts, rehearsals, scheduling busking meetups with the girls, and wallets - shiny highlighter colored wallets.

---------------------I am sleep now, go night night.---------------------------------

**A note on robots:

My love for robots has everything to do with my lack of boundaries. I find comfort in straight lines, angles and mathematical reasonings for why the shore is the beginning of land and end of the water. I am a perpetual BABY....all things are new, shiny and exciting. I love to the extreme and hurt just as badly.

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