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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13, 1981

According to Wikipedia, the day of my birth was filled with murders and despair the end of a showdown and the beginning of a missing child search. While Friday the 13 would bring about the first ever speedcubbing - rubix cube champ Jury Froschl. this makes me feel good about today, like I could beat someone at scrabble or chess. 

March 12, 1981 (Thursday)

  • Women, children and other inhabitants of the El Salvador village of El Junquillo (in the Morazan Department) were murdered on orders of Salvadoran Army Captain Carlos Medina Garay, at the conclusion of nine-day long military operation against rebellious forces. The details of the massacre were brought out in an investigation more than a decade later by the "Commission on Truth", which had been created as part of a 1992 peace agreement.[28]
  • Atlanta murders of 1979-1981: Timothy Hill, 13, disappeared in Atlanta, ten days after his 15 year old friend Joseph Bell had vanished. Hill's body would be found on March 30, and Bell's on April 19. They would prove to be the last of 23 African-American children (16 or younger) to be murdered in Atlanta over a nearly two year period. Wayne Williams, who was suspected in the killings, was charged with and convicted of the murders of two adult victims.[29]

[edit]March 13, 1981 (Friday)

  • The first world speedcubing championship tournament, requiring participants to properly align the squares of a Rubik's Cube in the shortest amount of time, took place in Munich. Jury Fröschl won the first competition with a time of 38 seconds.[30]

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