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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am living a small utopia, nuzzled in between two amazing friends who have adopted me and taken my spirit in like a broken bird. The house is bright with sunshine and there are two beautiful cats living here, protecting my dreams. Soon there will be a third feline companion who will complete the circle. My heart swells to think how therapeutic these small animals have been for me in their simplicity and stillness. I long for solitude amongst them and I thank the spirits who brought me to this place. Today we prepared the altar, a way for people to feel invited into our small piece of wonderland. Today is beautiful with its greyness and mild sunrays and so I eat them consume their warmth in preparation. Tonight will be full of honesty and grace, violence and purification. My moon bath celestial sacrifice goes out to YOU. You are all in my heart, I wish you happiness my dear slaves. Alone we move mountains together we birth the universe. For the moment ground yourself in song and tell me what you feel, think, smell, want to see, hear or speak. Be heart guts and blood for me......I will deliver you from the sins of dishonesty and loneliness. Ah-men.

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