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Monday, December 7, 2009

Life after life after life...Basel, penetraitors, and inanimate boyfriends

There are too many songs, too many words and too many lost loves. For breakfast my grandmother made me wonderfully simple eggs with a fluffy arepa filled with love. On the beach I transformed myself into a golden nano particle and rode a large and slow bus from the mall to the beach finally walking to the enourmous warehouse filled with art.

Yes,there was a lot of art but the energy seemed predictable, too late to fit in my timeline. Note: My thoughts on Miami are filled with 18 years of jaded bias but I do appreciate the glimpses into Dubai's and Mumbai's gallery scene. I did have a brief connection with the spanish artist Santiago Sierra's porn/art film, which described his perspective on race relations and the conquest of the new world. For a brief moment the film allowed me to relive a cold unemotional feeling I wanted to push out of my being. A love addict's pain is a sex addicts venom.

Los Penetrados

I feel that I will be a ghost for the next week - completely off the grid. No phone and no computer (at least until i get a new adaptor). I am available to document in house calls involving strong telepathic connections directly into to my neural pathways. If you are interested please send me a smoke signal.

....and here begins my retreat
revealing oxygen through rough air
a silent sun song reveals dusty remnants.
Those clouds emerge like artic tundras
but I won't wait for peak moments
because if rare is hope then I have gone missing.
where is my time if not in pieces?
where are those growing roses destined
to fight the rough mass of death
I suppose I will hold it in for just a moment,
for just one more moment I will despair and cry and shout and mourn the death of a lost moment for which there was no time long enough to find my way to her.

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