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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SUNDAY night I stumbled in on the Oregon band LOVERS <3<3<3<3

Yesterday This past Sunday was a full platter kind of day. YBBS! continues to record in Harlem with Mr. Dave and I believe we have some wonderful tracks that are slowly forming into the future of future sounds. Mom, we are making babies that sound like other babies that maybe come from the sea floor or possibly the duodenum.

Beats is the word and rhythm is my muse...wandering we go, indio....

......and when we finally decided to venture into the night, Bushwick became Siberia. We were lost and grey for a brief moment until we rang the bell at Soul 2 Soul ~ a wonderful local bar near Goodbye blue Monday for Brer Brian's weekly Sunday open jams (starting up again on January 3). There we met up with some of my favorite musicians Brer Brian , Spencer , Christina B who were all jamming and meshing in musical harmony. The crew made some noise and we decided to only stick around for a tiny moment because the wind outside was fierce and my fingers were beyond icy.

....4 blocks later we were in front of the Market Hotel and of course we have this ritual my friend kidrainbow and I, that we must always peek inside the Market no matter what. It has almost never failed to surprise us and last night was no exception. We walked right in to witness the last four songs of the Oregon based band LOVERS . Three beautiful women playing pure electro pop love songs that made me want to cuddle/dance with small furry animals. Fragile but sweet harmonies, glitchy chirps and a tight drummer all made me love Lovers on this desperately cold winter's night.
Check them...... <3

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