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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things I've seen, heard and done in the last couple of weeks

SEWN LEATHER @the now defunct Champs Cafe 

For those folks who forgot that shows/concerts were meant to be the smashing ground for our collective soul.  Yes I like dancing and Sewn Leather absolutely conjures the energies of a spinning dervish smashed with the aesthetic of an  apocalyptic trash punk. The energy is 100% sensitive to the misery and grime of our time. Please go see him live and let him drag you down, slap you up and win you over with his magic.


More SL

Sewn Leather dancing to DJ Ratbeef 

SHAMS @Silent Barn 
One of my favorite performers, Shams fuses mysterious apathy with genuine shake your ass tracks. If you want to dance he takes care of you, if you want to trance, he does that to. Sometimes he sings like a banshee, but maybe on that rare occasion he might just get baptized on stage with a saxophone in hand. Not to mention, some of the best locks I've seen on a man in a while.
 more Shams

My deconstruction of Shams at Silent Barn

Below are a couple of my projects, check them, talk about them, and let me know what you think.

 Alt Country Singer Laura Minor & The Talented Jail Birds

My arsenal for Laura Minor. My official title is texturizer. I'd like to think of all my trinkets as different gradients of emotion that I use to fill certain songs. A melodica for a French revival tune, the viola for the swamps.

Helped style the girls of Supercute for their latest video shoot.


Rehearsing with Juggernut - I rip up roses over the setlist to set the mood. I also perform as a human sperm,  while trying not to become the performance art whore. Safety first as they say in AA. 


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