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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Future Sounds of Love and Magic

Two summers ago I began a journey into the world of complete feminine independence. I met a beautifully strong and equally ravaged woman named Teresa Colomonaco. We walked an entire summer holding each other's spirits by the hand, blessing each other's foreheads and playing music for the gods. I cherished that time very much because I was given the opportunity to become a nurturer to my fellow woman and in turn grow stronger in my own feminine magic. The stage was set and when she departed so abruptly, I cried knowing that for the first time in a very long time I had found a sincerely brave soul. One who not only shared my crazy lust for life, love and art, but who could equally wilt like a delicate orchid. Today, I want to share her music as I sometimes do when I feel the nostalgia of the old world pull me in. Teta's sounds are a cry in response to a cruel and devastating world. A past of exploitation in many forms - tribal - family - magic. She is luminiescent and flows over you like a dusted mist. Breathe her in and exhale your wishes because they may just come true.

As for myself, I will one day share all the strength and power I have acquired that began with our chance meeting with Teta in person on her home turf, where she is cherished and nurtured by the land and music.

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