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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunny breeze dun took me away.

Landing back in Brooklyn feels lonely and very much like a family reunion smooshed all in one. I hugged my bike, breathed in the air, saw the sunrise from my apt and don't want to ever neglect my home as much as I have done so far this summer. However, I did get to see some amazing music much of which i would not have done had I not taken this crazy tour/job. Google the concert lists for ALLGOOD and ROTHBURY FESTS after you finish reading.

Back to what I want and need to say about all my life scenarios. I can make around 400 plans that might or might not become actual events in the course of the day.

1. New Band = [Carl Sagan and the Spacehsip of the Imagination] this is happening as we speak. As research I have spent the last week listening to Coast to Coast radio, where people dial in to explain their supernatural and extra terrestrial encounters over the radio. The mind is swirling and I think I have to re-read my golden ratio book, the bible, book of the dead, tarot, and watch some Jodorowsky. I will attempt to add up years of sponging and drip it all over a couple of music and visual canvases. Sooner than soon.

2. Shows and writing sessions with Teta before she leaves for Italy :-( She has been an amazing friend in only a short span of time. thank god for psychic Pisces in my life. Her and I will soon be ruling a world near you.

3. Bard sneak peek this Sunday. I am very excited to check out my friend's hard work and really check out what all the fuss is about AND yes, I will possibly commit myself to applying there for the MFA program next summer. Me gets tingly feeling in my feet.

4. August looks promising for the music recording. I am rounding up the troops and will fling myself into some serious work hours and churn out something artistically cohesive.

5. John cage recordings also happening in august.

6. Finish my t-shirt line for YBBS!

7. Frame my small drawings, which will go on sale shortly.

8. Eat brightly colored cereal with The Wild Yaks a homoerotosapien testosteroni mash of brilliance http://www.myspace.com/boyhoodforever

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