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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a trip of peanut brit

Mr. wonder make me drowsy enough to sleep and dance, then walk away so fancy pants
heard that eye full of glass and voices like light beam tractor seams
retractable seats stacked high in mass with lonely hearts and lungs
Mr. Non-baby you wonder to seem lonely
wandering through those steamy scenes behind fake trees
you start to feel creamy and sometimes deliriously cry
out for the horses, cows, mask avenger knights. fairly fairy furry worms
yet again its non of my concern to fight
to like flutes on stereo
or fools who ask for special plain jane anything
and nothing somewhere now is leading to almost a quarter mile out to anywhere, then
my half
my whole
my taste, a waste full of teardrops
full of joy
full of lightning bugs
in case you hear my voice let it land next to you
let it stand beside you
and let it find its way back slowly
towards equal steps away from you, let it walk back into me.

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