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Monday, August 29, 2011

New think speak

There say luck would have me one day.
Just the day I chose to meet luck out in this wide open world, would the world swallow me a hole?
I make sure to care for my breath and visit you quite regularly underneath it

the words blanketed by the sounds underground, underwater.
Dripping down like honey combed wine from fair lips.
You've got hip appeal and flags that bring down ships to a quiet still.

and still as if to divine and to unravel so much more time is left when you are mine
unraveled thin
like crosshaired love wires
I'm shore
you wave
and so one softened kiss is moore
than a thousand stiff kisses
lets chance again
I miss you and the good lord tht holds your hand
its auburn wonderful
each and every strand
you take care of every one of us girls the best you can
how i miss you so
how i must let go
how i miss you so
how i must let go

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