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Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy Gone Monster

Everyone is seeing up above and beyond
seer's dreaming up all the visions.
  Not one ounce of pure sight is left.
All real estate taken upstream
by the flesh saturating west
from an eastern shore I can see people

but spreading over across the wilds of our barren country's heart lies the way to anima

engrave it on your lover's palm
a love whispered prayer
no snarky remarks that injure or condem
love to no avail
keep your blackened bird smothered under breath
sole mutterings till your death begins again 
but this beautiful bird only visible to wonderkind
lovely creatures in their own rite
spring forward to offer her life
they are her saviors

I dreamed of leaves torn to shreds
and paper children flowered in the wind

I dreamed I killed a whale, rode its hide to the other side of the ocean to find the tortoise lover

she was covered in worries, not of her own
but those accumulated from the tide
barnacles clasped to her body
centuries ago she learned to fly                    and through the water she found more of her wonderkind
lovers and friends
new family myths beginning again
inside of her like embryonic imprints upon her womb
a matrix child, mother in making spirits light 
only when her dark horse arrived to take her home would she rejoice 
for tired and worn were her soles

this empress knight, fighting her way home through all bodies 
running upstream
No valley could contain the sounds of glass she made underfoot
                                            her fingerprints washed off her hands 

she belonged to no country, she belonged to no man.

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