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Thursday, August 25, 2011

En Rapture

Cottage Cheese, a banana, two coffees with skim milk, walked to work in the faint rain.

It is instant, you run into the building covered in blessed stone, tall and pointing towards the sky. A place where you have devoted all your faith, your beliefs locked away in a small incensed boxed tucked underneath the dusted altar. But first, the fire sky opened and the rains came down again as hard as they had ever been, you were frozen again and your tears came down again when your look above you held  the exact precision of the holy building. You ran there first because the town was small and your flashing lights were bright, tracing a path directly into the church, gold bricked and paved to safety. From harms hasty way the ground shook and bodies were propelled forward, heads pointed horizontally erect. This was the rapture covered in lace and you were still on earth covered in dirt as the souls lifted from the ground, whose legs you desperately embraced in gasps. You were lost and winded and behind the words that were whispered in your ears from your childhood memories, like the thunder and the rainstorm passing by, they faded into the ghostly wind. Was your lover not in heaven coming back to encapsulate your love in his bottled potion? Positioned with a tincture to revive you from your slumber white snow lovers, whose winter warmth held the earth's balance and fevered the blistering sun in the summer's brightest rain?

For all year long we waited underneath the fickle trees of lust and their fruit lay rotting barren without seed. Boyhood dreams left unfulfilled were dreams floating in the clouds. How could we recover the sound of the river in our hearts? This rapture wrapped in solid ice caps, unable to breathe but for the cathedral sky, crystalline letting in tidbits of the sun. From its portioned rays grew a deformed vine enraptured entwined round the lines of holiness. Following the light it grew as strong as the the slivers of light would allow it room. 

Will you lie dormant under the rubble until the wind comes off to carry you? Earth overbearing mother, soaring eagle to carry me home in a blue box to the sea.

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