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Friday, April 22, 2011

of sleep

I did not sleep last night. but I did enjoy a nice cuban cigar and a shot of caribean intoxication. The aperitif incuded two beautiful dancers, a fox and a hound ramblin away the night and stealing my heart on the dancefloor.

A kiss to you two beautiful beasts. Then there are darker more sinister eyes that caught me for a moment and strongly held their grip until they themselves were blinded by my light. The darkness walked away compassionately as it always does, leaving me to myself and to my dancing. I waited to hear from two different Caribbean princes...of Miami and Cuba combined. Oh the force of the ocean to mold the shapes of man's hearts. These men who drive me to unbridled madness for single nights, who enthrall me with their grip, take care of me and hold me until the dawn.

But these are only Princes.....not fit for a queen.

One day I will find the King of Swords who will slice my heart into tiny pieces and dust it over the oceans. He will die for me and lift me across the sky. His arms will be made of copper and his feet of burnt terracotta. Clothed in wolf hide, smelling of sweet cut grass.

I'm bleeding all over today, I'm tired all over again today, and tonight I will celebrate a birth. To hell with sleep. I'd rather kiss the blissful moon longing for rest rather than sleep away my youth.

Good night sunshine the summer moon howls over you!

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