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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wow this Blog went nowhere

SO today is the first day in 6 months that I have bothered to address the internets via this blog.


This blog really was only used while I was out of the country and now, well I need to revive it and make it live or something. Also, I have one other shared blog that was written by me and a special friend i made when I was in the Dominican Republic. Sort of an ode to our love affair. Kind of cheesy now that I think about it. I enjoy it as a time capsule and a reminder that "LOVE" is sooo fleeting and fickle.

Just so you know internet, in the background folks are discussing the merits of the movie "Bad Lieutenant" which is getting rave reviews by more than one person I know.

And now a list of unimportant things:

-Herbal tea helps reduce the effects of lock jaw
-I've been wearing my bronze cowboy boots for too many days. I miss my sneaks.
-I have lost two friends this week and gained a place to live
- living out of a backpack is sort of stressful and not, all at the same time
- Hey internet, should I go to San Fransisco?
- What should I have for lunch?
- I want to be a French/Spanish balladeer
- palindromes make me giddy
- I have ADD for sure but have never been disgnosed
- autism is beautiful
- logic is inherently a male trait(I know women might disagree, but its true) BUT it can be learned by women to be used as a secret weapon against total male domination
- Bisexuality is close to godliness

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