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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

all made up

all made up
its hanging tirelessly like the smoke in your hair
those circulars around your eyes
pearled chomps, venomous teardrops
siren foaming at the mouth

I spit and it is all blood and bile I hear

what to take when the voices all harmonize to your ramblings?

I would eat all of your potatoes, gorge myself with your bowl of sustenance
were you to take my dear black hat away from me.
my wavering fingers draw a heart's scar that fill your emptiness

I spit and it is still dragon's blood I smell

but a spotlight in your chest
envious youth
push and pull on my dress

take hold young mistress, masters come in disguise as your motherly breasts

the two that sit in darkness know better, feel better bruise as easy as the apple

from the snake oh Eve you are not
from the lake, Lady you are not.

Hunger wolf, horny female
snarled darling sea cow
enough is enough but enough when you're dead

You will look for your head soon enough, inside my mirrored eye

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