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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Morning Meditates

I won't put on makeup today, but I will brush my teeth. I won't eat a greasy breakfast, but I will take my vitamins. I procrastinate when I have to leave my home because it pains me to transition into something concrete and specific. I long to be vulnerable to all elements. Maybe I should thank the earth for the rain and the snow today and pray that my weekend freedom is covered in sunshine and warmth. This winter may consume the last of me. But Kerry don't forget to put on your shoes and don't stomp so loudly down the corridor. You now have five minutes before it gets too late, before the subway has no mercy on your commute. I wonder why people keep getting hit by the subway at my station? It's been two in the last two months. Again, I tell myself tread lightly because there may be a wind that blows your feathery body away onto the streets, onto the tracks, or off a cliff. Remember your practice, the one you have polished bright and true. Remember your family, remember your friends, remember your legs. Now stop thinking and go to Work!

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