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Monday, October 25, 2010

editorial on love

I should be well endowed with flowers in my hair and strands of ginger in my eyes. laser beam convulsions are around and around me they continue to float down in through my spine. now bask, glow in time of sources in time I do not own and in time where I wander into the stormy night. My windshield, broken from the fright, a nightmarish gash up on the native night. Of course we will source your intentions and off with your headlight progressions. No translations have ever been this precise. And of all the dealings I have had in my life I will continue to follow, his breath taunts me like a naked slut in the night. he wants me for his own, devours me as I writhe away in starvation. His botched affection forced me to buy his language and now indeed I have won his powers to burn and destroy. This is miles away from Canada and hours away from LA. A sweet suckle will send us both buckling and in our sparkle selections we will now sway. 

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